Cave Bot - Cave noob v0.01 beta (simple cave bot)

  • Attacks monsters
  • User can adjust "speed of walking"
  • Save/Load waypoints
To do
  • Multilevel
  • Looting
  • Move all the things I done so far to one exe (Make a bot)
  • Add/Load waypoints
  • Press "Go" button Cheesy
Cave bot

Basically, cave bots do the hunting for you. You don't want to sit numerous hours in front of your computer and killing mosters to gain experience points? This things is for you. You don't have to be near computer. You can be anywhere: school, work on a trip :) and the game bot will do the things for you. Such bots exist in many games (in World of Warcraft, for example). Okey, so now you know the basic things about the cave bots. Now here will you find them? These webtools are located at this site. Browse few pages and you will hopefully find what you are looking for!