Tibia 7.8.1

Today, Tibia has been updated to version 7.8.1.. time to add some new bots then!

Some minor bug fixes have been released today, among them the display error of Premium Account days in the client. A patch will download automatically when you log into the game. If you should encounter any problems, you can alternatively download the new client from this website.

As already announced, we have now stopped accepting letters containing personalisation data to request a new recovery key. Please understand that we cannot process any letters that have not reached our office yet. In case you need a new recovery key, you have to request a letter for a small fee via the Lost Account Interface. The letter will be sent to the address that you have entered in your account's registration. For this reason, please make sure to register your account with correct data. If you have not registered your account yet, do so now!

Finally, the handling of the automatic character deletion has been changed. Now all characters on free accounts are deleted if they are not used within a period of n months where n is equal to their level. Characters of level 20 or higher are no longer excepted. Also, once an account has not been used for 2 years all characters on it are deleted regardless of their level.


New bot added.
It contains light hack, fish hack, replace trees to bushes, outfit changer (colors) and more and more...

Status Manager for Tibia 7.8

Nowy bot dodany.
Dzieki niemu mozna zobaczyc swoje skille, level, magic level itp
Niedlugo bedzie dostepny do sciagniecia

New information about the bot released.
Generally it shows you all your current skills, as well as level, magic level etc..
Soon will be ready to download.


Widze, ze wiele osob ma problemy z polapaniem sie co gdzie jest na stronie. Wszystkie boty oczywisice da sie sciagnac, wystarczy wejsc w opis odpowiedniego bota, a nastepnie kliknac 'download'. Jednak przydadza sie pewne usprawnienia i dlatego strona zostanie przebudowana. Nastapi to w niedlugim czasie. Przepraszam za klopoty i odwiedzajcie czesto strone, bo nie wiadomo kiedy pojawi sie jej nowa wersja... :-)

I see that many people are having problems with viewing/downloading anything from the website. Therefore I have decided that I will create a new website, so that everything would be clean and tidy :-) On the other hand, there's going to be an english website about the Tibia Bots. So stay tuned and visit website regularly!


Taken from the official Tibia website:

Tibia is a game where you meet people from all over the world. Who has not wondered sometimes what their fellow Tibia players look like in real life? Conventions are a great way to personally meet the friends you have made in Tibia or to get to know people that have the same passion for Tibia as you do. Whether you like to chat with other Tibia fans face-to-face, enjoy testing your knowledge in exciting competitions, or simply want to experience the special atmosphere of such events, conventions are definitely worth a visit.

Just recently a cool convention took place in Mexico, in which the winner of the first Tibia medal was determined. Also, huge meetings are regularly organised by our Brazilian fansite. In September a convention in Tibia's hometown Regensburg is planned where you also have the chance to win one these rare medals.

To learn about meetings of Tibia players that may be taking place near you, take a look at the convention page or visit our supported fansites!

Have fun in Tibia!
Your CipSoft Team


Tibia jest gra, w ktorej spotykaja sie ludzie z calego swiata. Kto z was nie zastanawial sie czasem jak ci ludzie wygladaja w rzeczywistosci? Konwenty sa swietna okazja, aby osobiscie spotkac sie z tymi osobami.
Czy chcialbys stanac z innymi fanami Tibii twarza w twarz, wymieniac sie doswiadczeniami i zdobyta wiedza oraz poznac wspaniala atmosfere takich spotkan?

Takie spotkanie mialo niedawno miejsce w Meksyku, gdzie zwyciezca otrzymal unikalna nagrode w postaci medalu. Poza tym takie spotkania sa regularnie organizowane przez nasz brazylijski fansite. We wrzesniu zaplanowano z kolei konwent w ojczystym miescie Tibii - w Regensburgu, gdzie takze bedziecie mogli zdobyc te niepowtarzalne medale.

Tibia Black Ice dla Tibii 7.8

Celem tibiaboty.miu.pl jest gromadzenie wszystkich mozliwych botow pod Tibie, wiec i bot Tibia Black Ice sie tutaj znalazl.

Link do sciagniecia bota - Tibia Black Ice

Tibia BotNg

TibiaBot NG comes with a very unique set of features.

# Aim runes at players from battle window.

# Attack combo, multiple players shooting runes or arrows at a single player at the same time.

# Automatic fast hands.

# Automatic fishing with fish stacking.

# Automatic healing with spells or runes.

# Automatic logout with buddylist when Player/GM detected or moved.

# Automatic mana drinker.

# Automatic script based responder.

# Battle and healing hotkeys.
Tibia BotNG jest do sciagniecia.
# Customizable light intensity.

# Display player guild, vocation, level and max/current hp underneath name.

# Full light all the time with one button.

# Macro recorder for custom actions.

# Multi-level cavebot with customizable looting. Goes up and down rope holes, ladders and stairs!

# Play sound alert when damaged, full mana, Player/GM on screen, messaged or moved.

# Reduce CPU usage to zero while game is minimized.

# Relogin after server save.

# Rune maker and mana trainer. Multiple options when out of runes, alert, logoff or train.

# See through floors, walls and ceilings.

# Show experience needed for next level.

# Single click multi-shot runes and fishing.

# Trade channel helper.

# Professional GUI with many skins available!

Tibia Personalizacja Kont

Kazdy gracz bedzie mogl teraz spersonalizowac sobie konto. Wlasciwie musi. Jest to wskazane. Na karcie "My Account' widnieje teraz nowy napis "Register account". Rejestrujac swoje konto otrzymuje sie recovery key, dzieki ktoremu mozna odzyskac konto. Oczywiscie, aby zostac Tutotem trzeba chociaz raz posiadac Premium Account. Kto sie cieszy z pesonalizacji konta? Account traderzy, czyli ci, co sprzedaja postacie. Wszystkie dawne recovery keye zostaly usuniete, a to oznacza, ze nowy wlasciciel moze zrobic nowego recovery keya...

Tibia 7.8 Bot

TibiSim 1.28 for Tibia 7.8 - Light, Exp, Fish, Stats, IP Changer

* Fast Fish
* 2 Modes of Light
* Exp Checker
* Stat Reader
* IP Changer
* Fixed some internal flaws
* Fixed the Hotkey bug (you press it and it would reverse 2 times)
* Made the Fast Fisher go faster
* Colors are the same on all windows layouts now
* Added a Cool Picture Background
* Changes Tibia Title to "TibiSim - By Kiloboban"
* Added IP Changer
* Added layout of spellcaster, doesn't work yet.
* Added Health and Mana reader

Tibia tibisim bot w download.

Tibia Light 7.8

Tiks QuickLight 7.8

* Full Light (Page Down)
* Exp Left (End)
* Fast Fishing (Page Up)
* Auto Fishing (Home)
* Disable Hotkeys (Ctrl+Del)

Tiks QuickLight 7.8 dodany.

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